Administrative information

Administrative course information is available here

The github org for this course is inf-2202-f17

We use the mailing list to send important information. The link is to the list’s website; among other things it has an archive of old emails.

We have a Slack team. Join us and chat about the course and the assignments.

Please ruminate on this page about citation, plagiarism, &c. from the university. Norwegian only.

We have the following rooms and hours:

Refer to the lecture and mandatory assignment plan, and e-mails for which room is used when.


Lecture plan


Lecture Date Subject Lecturer
L1 Fri 18/8 Introduction and practical information. LAB, EH
L2 Thu 24/8 Threads and synchronization primitives; Parallel architectures NB that nothing from slide 39 onward will be on the exam Lars Tiede
L3 Thu 31/8 Parallel programs Slides from pt. 2 (parallel processors from client to cloud, won’t be on exam) available on request from Einar. Lars Tiede
L4 Thu 7/9 Asynchronous and Event-based Programming Dag Brattli
L5 Thu 14/9 Reactive vs Interactive Programming Dag Brattli
L6 Thu 21/9 Virtual Time Scheduling and Asynchronous Reactive Programming Dag Brattli
L7 Thu 28/9 Performance evaluation 1 Åge Kvalnes
L8 Fri 29/9 C# ?
L9 Thu 5/10 Performance evaluation 2 Steffen Viken Valvåg
L10 Thu 12/10 Stuctured datastreams Tor Kreutzer
L11 Fri 13/10 Cloud, Azure ?
L12 Thu 19/10 Azure Datalake Jan-Ove Karlberg
L13 Thu 26/10 ? ?
L14 Thu 2/11 ? ?
L15 Thu 9/11 Summary lecture LAB
Exam Fri 23/11 Exam  

Mandatory assignments

Project Start Due Subject Presenter
P1 Tue 22/8 Thu 7/9 23:00 Parallel programming using threads EH
P2 Mon 11/9 Wed 4/10 Reactive programming DB
P3 Fri 6/10 Fri 3/11 Datalake TES


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